Elikem Kumordzie 

Ghanaian Actor and Tailor  Elikem Ekumordzie during a live instagram interview with media personality KOD shared lessons he learnt after being in a marriage for 2year’s and subsequently getting divorced. Elikem in June 2015 married Pokello Nare, a Zimbabwean socialite.The couple met on “BIG BROTHER~ THE CHASE” season 8 in 2003 and tied the knot a year after.

Elikem kumordzie and Pokello Nare

During the interview, he admitted being the reason for the failed marriage, because he was too young to understand the concept of marriage at age 26 but thinks ex wife who was 29 had more experience.

He also said “long distance was a factor” along the line we fell off, it got to a time when Pokello has to be in Zimbabwe to handle business and i have to be in Ghana to do same. ” I don’t remember exactly but we just fell off”.

According to him, he has learnt to be more patient, listen more and work as much as possible, to make his current relationship work.

He told KOD during the live chat “he doesn’t wanna repeat the same mistakes he saw growing up… so the best thing he thought was to get married before having kids“
“It took being out of marriage divorce to realize : If you stay focused in your business, you milk it. Once you stop fighting for what you want, what you do not want comes in and also said to focus on the good and not the bad side of the relationship ” Elikem told KOD during an Instagram live.

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