RuffTown Record To Terminate “Fantana’s Contract After Her Feud With Wendy Shay

CEO of RuffTown Records, Bullet, has reacted to the social media uproar between his record label mate Fantana and Wendy Shay.

It’s obvious the on going feud between record label mate Wendy Shay and Fantana is getting pretty much serious by the minute. Fantana in recent times has come out to say; she’s been bullied by Wendy Shay and forced to do things against her will by bullet.

It all started when Fantana in a recent interview (One on One With Fantana) said that Wendy Shay did not really have hit songs or works that can give her international recognition and tagged her as “Local Champion”.

Wendy Shay responded by making fun of her teeth…. which obviously got Fantana really upset. She went on instagram live said some unprintable words in her rants; Fantana also said she does not want anything to do with the label nor their songs (keep the songs and my name out of your mouth).

The record label boss Ricky Nana Agyemang said “Fantana’s comments during her live Instagram session have dented the hard-earn reputation of the company and would not be condoned

Apparently “Fantana” actually didn’t show up to her contract termination meeting which was scheduled on 17th but instead watched movies all day at home according to her Instagram post .

One thought on “RuffTown Record To Terminate “Fantana’s Contract After Her Feud With Wendy Shay”

  1. guys have been doing this beef thing for long and hardly does it turn flames, ladies start demma own noorr, GH dey come burn…embaaa!!!!

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