News: Diana Hamilton Didn’t Win VGMA AOTY~ Mr Logic

Mr Logic

Gospel is not a genre; therefore gospel musicians shouldn’t compete nor be included in the artiste of the year category. According to Mr Logic, it’s unusual for a gospel song to be more popular than a secular music or dominate in that particular category. He continued, “the award should be given to an artist that represents the entire industry and all genre’s in general”.

He further questioned the boards influence, usefulness, purpose, public voting percentage and the technicalities involved. He said, “I will never retract my statements but I will apologise If Diana feels offended.

He stated that a solution to favouritism is transparency and urged VGMA to reveal its board members. He pointed out that not all members of the board deserve a seat at the table. “We will have to ask VGMA to reveal all the board members. Because not everybody who is on the board is a technical or production expert. We have got bloggers on the board.”

He said, gospel is a religious music that should be judged in its own category. Either a Christian music category is created for gospel musicians. Or they should be put up against the various genre in which their music fits. 

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