Sports: “Burns Defeated Thompson Via Unanimous Decision”

Burns won the co-main event via decision. The bout pitted Burns, a jujitsu specialist, against Thompson, a karate striker. Thompson landed clean shots, but Burns used his expertise on the ground to win on the scorecards.

Scores were 29-28 across the board for the No.2-ranked Burns, now 20-4. The No.4-ranked Thompson falls to 16-5-1.

After a brief feeling-out process, Burns got the action underway with a takedown attempt in the second minute, and though that came up short, he was able to pin Thompson against the fence until he grounded his foe with a little over two minutes to go. With less than a minute left, Thompson got to his feet, but he was unable to get free of the grasp of “Durinho” until the closing seconds of the round.

Thompson got busier in the second as he was able to avoid another extended grappling session, and while he landed a hard kick on his foe, Burns came back immediately with a right hand upstairs, and with less than a minute to go, the Brazilian got his takedown and added in some punches to the face for good measure as he traded with Thompson on the mat.

Burns worked to improve his position and he soon moved into side control and then the mount, and that’s where the bout remained, with the Brazilian in control as the final horn sounded.

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