Update: “Ten Dead As Violence Escalates In South Africa following The Jailing Of Former President Zuma”

Mr. Zuma, 79, was ordered imprisoned for 15 months by the Constitutional Court, the nation’s highest judicial body, for refusing to appear before a commission investigating sweeping corruption allegations during his time as president from 2009 to 2018. He and his supporters sharply criticized the decision, saying that he was treated unfairly and that sentencing him to prison without a trial was unconstitutional.

Mr. Zuma initially refused to turn himself into prison as the court had ordered, but after lengthy negotiations with the police, he eventually gave in at the last moment and reported to the authorities last Wednesday.

Zuma was sentenced for defying a constitutional court order to give evidence at an inquiry investigating high-level corruption during his nine years in office. The legal proceedings were seen as a test of post-apartheid South Africa’s ability to enforce the rule of law

The death toll in South Africa has risen to 72, after violence engulfed parts of the country after the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma.

This includes 10 people killed in a stampede during looting on Monday night at a shopping centre in Soweto.

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