New Music: Cassidy Released A Tory Lanez Diss Track (Perjury) >> Watch

Cassidy drops a diss track on Tory Lanez called “Perjury” after finding out Tory took inspiration from his freestyles as his way of paying homage. Cassidy isnt happy with the Toronto rapper stealing lyrics from his music.

Tory came out and stated that Cassidy shouldn’t be offended as it was simply a tribute. Cassidy felt disrespected even more, and went on to ask the rapper to stay in his lane via Instagram post.

“I feel disrespected that he feel like just because he [an] artist with some songs out, that him rappin’ to my beat is like, I should feel privileged,” Cassidy said. “Like I should feel like he doin’ something for me, like I should feel grateful. F*ck outta here,” said Cassidy. “N*ggas been rappin’ to my beats. I been doin’ this sh*t way before you came around. I don’t give a f*ck about you rappin’ to my beat… Pay homage for real, n*gga. Pay homage for real.”

Cassidy going all out with massive shots throughout the four-minute runtime, Cassidy exposes Tory for stealing flows and lyrics on the vast majority of his biggest hits, while also making fun of the fact that Tory is from Canada; saying Health care is free in Canada and Tory better check in.

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