Tightfist drops 1st EP “The Art Of Variation” featuring Migos — LISTEN

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Tightfist drops 1st EP featuring Migos as only major international connect — “The Art Of Variation”

Ghanaian Rapper/Afrobeats Artiste “Tightfist” currently based in France is one that Ghana needs to pay a lot of attention to right now. He is one of the hardest working Ghanaian talents living abroad who keeps putting in the works and growing from one major connect to another.

Corby Rhymes, his close Ghanaian friend based in Germany was also featured on the EP.

Tightfist who just dropped his very first EP titled “The Art Of Variation” has scored a major collabo with popular American Group, Migos. Migos is the only big international feature on the 10-tracked EP released on August 28, 2021.

Here is a streaming link for the EP available on Digital Stores: https://songwhip.com/tightfist

Explaining The Concept of The EP:
“The concept of this EP is to show my artistic power of how I am able to adapt to any genre and also create any type of vibe and melody as long as it speaks to my soul. It’s a blend of multiple genres in one piece; this style and strategy will make one think it’s a lot of features but I am blessed enough to be able to do all what i like very well. It’s a worldwide mix. Even got Amapiano as the last track (S.A produced)”, Tightfist said.

The Art Of Variation” has a good mixture of genres like Afrobeats, Afropop, Trap, Drill and the current global buzz, Amapiano.

Producers For The EP:
SeySey is one of the best producers in Europe that worked tracks like “Hey Hey”. The EP also has Tonee, Red Coleman, Maeky, Budda (Migos) and a few more>>>>>Listen


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