Update “Gory Accident At Akomadan Leaves 5 Passengers Burnt To Death” (Video)

Scenes from Akomadan where five have been burnt beyond recognition.One of passengers identified as kwasi said tge driver failed to apply brakes because he was driving at a top speed. The 25 other passenger’s are safe but sustained injuries in an accident which happened earlier this morning on the Offinso-Techiman road.

About 30 passengers traveling in a bus from Lawra in the Upper West Region were burnt to death when the vehicle caught fire upon reaching Akomadan in the Ashanti Region on Tuesday dawn.

The vehicle which was carrying about 37 passengers as at the time of the accident caught fire after crashing into a stationary vehicle at a Police Check Point at Akomadan.

One of the passengers who managed to break the glass and escape narrated; that the driver was forced to apply the breaks upon reaching the makeshift check point.

“Because he was on top speed, he couldn’t break immediately and crashed into a stationary vehicle at the barrier resulting in the accident…,” he narrated.

According to the passenger who identified himself as Kwasi, the vehicle caught fire after the accident.

“The impact of the crash was great so most of us who were sleeping woke up and started calling for help when the fire started from the front…,” he said.

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