Update: “TikTok Star Josh Richards Has Signed A First Film Deal With STXfilms Called Halloween Party”.

Josh Richards
Matt Azzopardi, STX

STXfilms has entered into a first-look film deal with CrossCheck Studios, the production company founded this year by internet entrepreneur and mega-influencer Josh Richards and co-presidents Michael Gruen and Chris Sawtelle.

Richards, 19, is an entrepreneur, musician, writer, actor and host with a reach of 40 million followers — 25.6M of those on TikTok. Richards told Forbes that he plans to be the “first influencer billionaire.”

STX will have a first look at all original CrossCheck film development. The first film they’re working on is Halloween Party, a new comedy written by Nick Cion & Annie Harnick, in which Richards will star. In the movie, two friends on the fringes of Hollywood go on a hunt for a crazy gamer’s fabled Halloween party. Their chase takes them through legendary ragers, haunted mansions, and the hidden depths of their own friendship as they try to get a taste of Hollywood glamor.

Source: Deadline/Forbes

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