TRENDING: (House of Gucci) Poster Released Starring Lady Gaga & Adam Driver” #HouseOfGucci

Grammy Award winner Lady Gaga and Adam Driver played married couple. Jared leto, Jeremy Irons, Camille Cottin and Al Pacino will be starring in the new House Of Gucci movie. Speaking on importance and intensity of the movie, Lady Gaga said;

Lady Gaga

“I drove by where Maurizio [Gucci] was shot … and I felt a pin drop in my stomach because I was so in my character, and I thought, ‘What have I done?’ We made art out of pain.” Lady Gaga played the role of Patrizia Reggiani in the movie, an experience that saw her lean into method acting.

Lady Gaga & Adam Driver ( “I was a huge admirer of Adam’s work.” – Lady Gaga

She described Adam Driver, (as a huge goof ball”, he was very supportive of me working in a way that was healthy for me.” “I didn’t want to work with any other actor but you. I told you when I first saw you on set. Meaning for Maurizio I always believed in Ridley’s choice for him to be this character” We made art out of pain.

The movie will be in theaters this Thanksgiving.

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