Update: “Love Nwantiti Was Initially Overlooked  By My Former Record Label ~Ckay (Billboard Interview)”


Nigerian singer-songwriters Chukwuka Ekeani widely known as Ckay, says his masterpiece ‘Love Nwantiti’, song was initially overlooked by his former record label (Chocolate City).

In a recent interview with Billboard, the ‘ love Nwantiti ’music crooner said that when he first sent the sultry, slow-tempo to Chocolate City, his former label, it was “overlooked.”

“To be honest, it was overlooked. No one took it seriously because it wasn’t a fast song,” he said.

“Social media definitely played a role and it wasn’t only TikTok. It was also Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The world discovered it one person at a time,” he added.

Ckay, revealed that; he was in love while making the record, described the song as “my own spin on Afrobeats”. saying he finds particular joy in creating what he calls emo Afrobeats.

“I have inspired a new form of Afrobeatz with my song called “Emo Afrobeatz“.

Emo Afrobeats is a way to express myself, my emotions and my sound and still have a groove to it. Plus I’m a cancer, so my energy is basically emotions,” he added.

The song is currently enjoying a renewed interest and a good reception globally.

The song ranked 30 on Billboard Hot 100 hit, and also made it all the way to No. 2 on Billboard’s Global Excl. U.S. and Global 200 respectively.


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